Centre the Only MSP Awarded DIR Cyberstar Certificate in 2024

HOUSTON, TEXAS – March 5, 2024 –  The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) awarded Centre Technologies with their Cyberstar Certificate in March of 2024. This extends Centre's Texas Cyberstar Certificate through 2026. They are the only MSP to receive this award. 

Centre Technologies is proud to announce that the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has appointed the Houston IT service company a Texas Cyberstar Certificate. Given only to Texas organizations that meet the highest standard of cybersecurity practices for their firm and customers, Centre is the only Managed Service Provider (MSP) to be awarded this accreditation since the program's launch in Feb. 2022.

This certificate is in response to the February 2022 orders from Gov. Abbott directing both the Department of Information Resources and the Department of Public Safety to “use every available resource” to fortify Texas’s cyber infrastructure. 

The Cyberstar accreditation adds to Centre's extensive folio of IT services focused on cybersecurity and DIR contracts for public entities.


We appreciate our employees, customers, federal and state agency partners, and Texas DIR for raising the bar of excellence for the State of Texas and the field of cybersecurity.

Anthony Leatherwood
Chief Information Security Officer at Centre Technologies

Based on Gov. Abbott's directives, the DIR established that companies must meet 5 main criteria that follow the Texas Government Code for the Cyberstar award. These requirements are: 

  • Adopt a cybersecurity risk management program; 
  • Provide appropriate training and information for employees; 
  • Maintain consistency with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for cybersecurity; 
  • Incorporate public service announcements to encourage cybersecurity awareness; and 
  • Coordinate with local and state governmental entities. 


There are a total of 12 sub-criteria requirements that IT companies and cybersecurity providers must meet to be awarded a Texas Cyberstar Certificate. These sub-criteria refer to specific elements that meet Abbott's stipulations to "include multiple new laws that protect critical infrastructure, safeguard...personal data," and "enhance emergency response." 

Selection for the coveted award includes a rigorous vetting process in accordance with Texas Government code, of which only 11 other entities have passed. Abbott reinforces that "protecting the state of Texas from cyber threats during this time...is paramount." This includes enhancing, maximizing, preparing and ensuring that cybersecurity measures are ready and in place for future attacks. 

This achievement further reinforces Centre Technologies' commitment to excellence for our customers in both the public and private sector. 

If you work in the public sector and want to know about the DIR contracts we offer, view them here.

To learn more about the Texas Department of Information Resources' Cyberstar Certificate Program, visit the DIR website

Originally published on March 05, 2024