Centre to Support Technovation Girls in Innovating the Future of Technology

HOUSTON, TEXAS - APRIL 23, 2024 - Centre Technologies partners with the Technovation Girls program to provide both guidance for technology-minded students and parents as well as to serve as judges for the Texas division competition. This is Centre's first year to team up with Technovation Girls. 

At the heart of Centre Technologies is passion for relationships with people. Not just with their customers and clientele, but with the community as well. Furthermore, Centre believes that the future of both technology and society is predicated on the community's collective ability to build up the next generation of innovators. This is why they decided to team up with Technovation, a global education nonprofit that empowers girls to become leaders, creators, and problem-solvers. 

Centre team members will be volunteering in-person for the Technovation Girls Texas chapter pitch event taking place on May 4th. This will include in-person judging of the girls' pitches for their apps/AI as well as hosting breakout sessions tailored specifically to the parents and girls participating. To spread this mission company-wide, they will also host virtual judging groups for the pitches on a more global level.

"There is so much more to the STEM field than code. 60% of Technovation alum work in STEM positions compared to the national average of 29%. My hope is for Centre to show there are more ways to be in the industry. Considering so many of these apps and AI creations from these young people are addressing and sometimes even solving real-world global issues, this partnership enables Centre, by supporting Technovation Girls, to accomplish multiple objectives at a much larger scale," says Beau Nichols, Onboarding Delivery Manager at Centre and in-person volunteer helping to spearhead this collaboration. 

"My hope is for Centre to show there are more ways to be in the [technology] industry... this partnership enables Centre, by supporting Technovation Girls, to accomplish multiple objectives at a much larger scale."

Beau Nichols

Onboarding Delivery Manager and Volunteer

The Technovation Girls program specifically works to equip young women ages 8-18 to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. With the support of volunteer mentors like Centre Technologies, and participants' parents, girls work in teams to code mobile apps that address real-world problems and offer solutions using technology.

"I have done research of past years' participants, and some of these apps are solutions for concerns and problems that would have been so far beyond me at any age," continues Beau Nichols. "The training included the pitch for an app that immediately triggers an alert to emergency responders when the phone recognizes sharp, quick movements that can be associated with an epileptic seizure. As a virtual judge, we will get visibility into so many of these projects from so many countries and cultures. I am excited to be a part of the collective, constructive feedback."

The Technovation learning model uses a 3-part system which helps participants develop greater self-efficacy and revolutionize their attitudes towards STEM. This model asks participants to identify a real-world problem they wish to solve, build a team including multiple young women, a mentor, and their local Chapter/Club Ambassador, and then get the community involved by partnering with schools, organizations, or towns to produce their technology-based solutions. 

"Our team believes that in order to improve, you have to invest in the next generation. We're excited to come alongside these young ladies and their parents so we can support their journey in STEM. Thank you, Technovation Girls, for giving us and other organizations like us, the opportunity to help improve the next generation." 

Chris Pace

CEO and Founder of Centre Technologies

Centre plans to continue their involvement for years to come with hopes of further empowering and equipping young women with the tools to succeed in the technology field. 

To learn more about the Technovation Girls Strategic Plan for success, please visit their website and get involved today! 


Originally published on April 23, 2024